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Cardiology Report

Hey, health care providers!

Give your patients a better lab report.

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You know the current lab reports. Black and white. All text. Zero context.

At ScioMD, we've worked hard to design a better lab report, featuring easy-to-understand results, ranges, and context. Your patients will love it. But that's just the beginning.

Risks, recommendations, and referrals.


Easy-to-understand results are a big step forward, but we don't stop there. Risks are calculated, with recommendations specifically tailored to the patient's test results. All done effortlessly, saving time for the patient and the doctor.

As a provider, you've worked hard to bring new patients into your practice. Keep them by referring specialists and recommending programs only your team can offer. You even have the option of adding personalized notes to every report.

Report Stack

Reports for every test.

Lipids, proteins, genetics, and more. ScioMD has a comprehensive library of beautifully designed reports, so you can effectively communicate patient health for every test.

Language and education shouldn't be a barrier.

Reports can be generated in a variety of languages, and can even be set to a specific reading comprehension level. We believe all patients, regardless of language or education, should be able to clearly and completely understand their health. And now, they can.


Workflows and protocols. Simplified.

Integration with clinical workflow is the greatest concern when adopting new technology,1 and the loss of productivity can be costly.2 We understand this and constantly work with our medical advisors and partnering health care systems to reduce adoption challenges and optimize workflow.

Hospitals and clinics have hundreds, if not thousands of protocols to manage. At ScioMD, we aim to reduce complexity working with lab reporting protocols through automation, giving physicians more time to focus on what really matters: their patients.

We'll help you move laboratory workflows and protocols from paper to the cloud.

ScioMD Cloud

Welcome to the cloud.

Everything is based in the cloud. This means you have nothing to install, nothing to maintain. No servers to manage, or implementation team living in your IT department for months on end.

And because we're in the cloud, it also means your team can generate reports from anywhere: the web, a mobile device, or from an existing clinical system.

Locked Cloud

Safe, secure,
and HIPAA compliant.

We believe patient data belongs in the EMR, and should stay there. We only store information long enough to generate the report, and it isn't patient identifiable. No names, social security numbers, dates of birth, just the test results and demographics.

While only non-identifiable information is transmitted, we still use 128-bit SSL encryption, the same level of security banks use to transfer money over the web.


No EMR? No problem!

Still on paper? Our condolences. But whether you're a small practice without an EMR, or a large medical group struggling to get the basics from your EMR, you can still take full advantage of the cloud.

We've built an easy-to-use clinic portal that doesn't require an EMR. Just go to, enter your key, and submit the lab data. Reports can be viewed instantly, sent to your printer, or emailed to a patient. It's that simple.

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